I Didn’t Splat! Thanks for Catching Me!

Publishing my first fiction and sharing it with the blogosphere felt like the scariest trust fall ever.  It was like I’d been blindfolded, stuck in a funny smelling van, driven around winding roads, pushed out while the van was still moving, followed a voice down a root filled dirt path and then encouraged by a husky voice at an indeterminate location to “just fall backwards, someone will catch you.”  But I didn’t splat!  After years of writing fiction with the door shut, trying to finish a novel, it was so scary and inspiring to put something out there.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read The Fisherman.  I spent Thursday watching the little orange bubble show up by the WordPress bell, listening to my phone buzz, watching my stats, and waiting for feedback.  Thank you, thank you to my fellow bloggers who took time to comment!

Roxysmama, I loved that you wanted to touch the fish, just like a child in the story.

ljonesedition, I was terrified to share this as a post.  Thanks for encouraging me.  Next time it will be less scary.

whereshappy, you and my mom both thought The Fisherman might not be a good guy.  I’m still not sure he is a good guy, and I love that you felt the same uncertainty I do.  Also, your post about almost dying was similar to the feeling I had writing this.

beatonm5, I almost renamed my post after your comment!  “How to Catch a Soul” is just awesome.

hlhivy, You and my mom provided my first experience of having two readers like and dislike the same part of the story.  Now it’s a puzzle I want to explore, because I like the handfuls of age image, but need to figure out how to do it in a way that makes sense.  I remember the first line of the novel Jim the Boy discussed age in a similar way.  I need to find my book and see how a real author did it.

Kathy!  I”m so glad I could share this with you.  After our months of following each other, it was so fun to show you my “other side” of writing.

lauraloo722 I loved your comment.  I was afraid the photography sentence was pretentious, but when aren’t parents trying to take a picture of these special moments?  If The Fisherman wouldn’t have chased the fish away I bet the dad would have asked him to take a picture of them after the selfie didn’t turn out.  That just couldn’t happen!

Finally, thanks to my English teacher mom for reading, and providing constructive feedback and mom-like joy at the post.  She said, “The most useless comment of all is ‘I really liked it.’ But I did.”  Mom, it’s amazing that you really liked it!  It meant so much to be able to talk about my story with you just like we talk about real stories together.  Just wait until I deliver my novel to you with it’s verb tense disagreement, random commas everywhere, and misused semicolons.  I can’t wait!

I’m sure the giddiness will wear off in a couple of days, but for now I’m floating around after discovering that I trust fell right onto a cloud.


6 thoughts on “I Didn’t Splat! Thanks for Catching Me!

  1. What a nice post. You are beyond courageous for putting (what really amounts to your dreams) out for the world to see and judge. I look forward to reading more of your stuff. You have a very honest and open quality and I really appreciate that. Also, thanks for linking my story. That’s the first time anyone has done that for me.


    1. Thanks for your kind words Rene! I loved your story about the swing, and am glad I got to share it with my readers. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what you write too. (Hopefully you don’t specialize in stories that make my knees weak and my stomach twist.) Ha!


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