Super Duper Excited about Healthy Snacks!

There’s a new vending machine at work named “Healthy Vend”.  It’s been there for almost a month now.  It accepts a wide variety of payment options: cash, coins, several credit cards and Apple Pay.  Everything in it is $1.00, so it’s a super convenient and inexpensive way to grab something when I forgot my lunch or need a quick snack to tide me over before dinner.

The best part is that the snacks are not only healthy, but they are also invisible!  Or maybe they just want to give health nuts the joy of buying something out of a vending machine, while not tempting them with the almonds, beef jerky, pretzels, or gluten free cookies that so often get dubbed “healthy” but really aren’t.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to.  I love me a healthy snack.  Maybe tomorrow…

Rebranding a dreaded dinner

We have a favorite dinner at the Afthead house.  It’s called “a feast.”  How do you make such an amazing meal?  Let me tell you.  You take everything out of the refrigerator and put it on the counter.  Then you heat up the food that is still edible.  You add in some crackers, pepperoni, and cheese.  Then make quesadillas from the very last bit of cheese.  (Don’t grate your fingertips!) Here is our feast from tonight:

Then you make it really special.  You put a big beach towel down in front of the TV in the basement, or in the back yard, or some other non-traditional-dinner spot.  Tonight we watched hockey playoffs during our feast.

“Wait a second!” I hear you shouting.  “We have that same dinner.  It’s called leftovers and we serve it at the table with sides of complaining and whining.  You tricked us!”

“Cast off leftovers!  Let that dreaded word never cross your lips again!” I shout back.  Now, In a week, have your first feast.  Make it mostly loved food with a few leftovers thrown in.  Two weeks later put in a few more leftovers and a few less mini-corn dogs and potstickers.  (Randomness is crucial to a successful feast.  It should trascend rules of geography and cuisine.) Before you know it you’ll make entire meals out of food in your fridge, and let me tell you, magic will happen. Tonight I had mini-meatballs dipped in green chili which was a never before tried delicious combo.  This is no trick.  It’s a feast!