The Tooth Fairy Correspondence – Tooth Seven

Our family has a running correspondence with The Tooth Fairy (TTF). Ever since the first tooth fell out on a family vacation my daughter has needed to write to Ms. Fairy. She’s made presents and asked questions. Every time, Ms. Fairy is kind enough to respond. The seventh tooth was lost this weekend and as I was reading the first solo-child-written note and the response from Fidget, our Tooth Fairy’s name, I thought it would be fun to share our correspondence. So without further ado…

Tooth Fairy Note
Letter to The Tooth Fairy for the seventh lost tooth.

In case you can’t read first-grader here is a translation:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I made this necklace for you and this picture for you because I love you.

P.S. Will you put 2 extra $1 and my friends pillow?  Thank you.

In case you don’t understand the above translation, let me translate.  My daughter made a tiny rubber band necklace for TTF, and drew a picture of a bloody tooth (so sweet) for her.  We happened to have friends spending the night, so she also secretly asked for TTF to bring additional $1 coins for her two friends.  She wanted to surprise her friends (so sweet).  The note, tooth and bloody picture all went under her pillow and she and her two friends went to sleep hoping for a visitor overnight.

The next morning we found the following note from TTF:

Response from The Tooth Fairy
Response from The Tooth Fairy,

The girls were delighted to all get gold coins from TTF and, as always, TTF was great at telling my daughter what she really needs to hear right now:  she’s brave, she’s doing great at school, and she’s thoughtful.  We are so lucky to have such a great Tooth Fairy at the Afthead house!