I am a superstitious person.  You probably wouldn’t guess it if you met me.  I have a degree in chemical engineering. I manage a team of 14 web developers (well if you include me it is 14, but if I said I manage 13 web developers, watch out).  On the surface I seem like a very sane person, but I’m not.

I have normal superstitions.  Don’t break a mirror, that’s seven years bad luck.  Don’t walk under a ladder, even more bad luck.  But I’ve also got weird ones.  Watch me close and you’ll see that I never walk on the opposite side of a pole as you.  Why?  Because if we do, and we both don’t say “bread and butter” we’ll get in a fight.  (Actually we are supposed to say “bread and butter wash your face in dirty water” or something totally ridiculous, but I don’t take it that far.)  I have a few people in my life who know me well enough that I insist that they just say “bread and butter”, because it’s impossible to fix normal situations in my life, like when my husband and daughter walk on the opposite side of a pole from each other.  There is just no way to solve that conundrum.  I walk one way I fight with him, and the other I fight with her.  No win except to say the words.  Oh, and never kill a spider in your house.  He is a predator and you like him better than the bugs he eats, and you shouldn’t kill living things, and, yes, it’s bad luck.

My grandma is responsible for most of my superstitions, but I’ve managed to make some on my own.  This morning at work I was distracted by two bunnies frolicking in the snow.  Bunnies, not their feet, have always been a good omen to me.  When I used to fly a lot for work I would know the trip was going to be a safe one when I saw a bunny as I was walking from my car to the terminal.  I would save my carrots from the meals they used to serve on airplanes and throw them at the bunnies when I arrived safely home, because nothing says “thanks for being good luck” like carrot bombs.

On my way out of the office today I saw three bunnies playing as I was walking to my car.  Another good omen equals a double good omen day.  A good thing too, since I forgot to eat my black eyed peas on New Year’s Day yesterday.  Maybe five bunnies today will offset my negligence and save my 2015 from utter disaster. (Just in case though, I’m going to go eat my peas.)

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