Tickles my Afthead

Oh, guess what made me happy this week? Spring!!!  It’s here! I can smell it in the air. I can feel it between my toes. I can see it everywhere! Time to dust off the gardening tools and start digging and planting and growing. 

Spring means buying flowers and plants.

Yellow Ranunculus
Ranunculus. My favorite spring flower to pet. The dense petals are so soft! This guy will live above my sink in the kitchen and I will love it until I kill it. I can make lots of flowers thrive, but not this one.

Spring means big showy displays of color.

Forsythia! This bush lives right outside our front door and I watch for the yellow blossoms to appear each February. Now it is a cacophony of little yellow flowers singing spring, spring, spring!

Spring means tiny greenhouses protecting the summer bounty from spring frost.

Walls of water
Walls of water hide three tomato and two broccoli plants. Grow little veggies and be safe from the frost and cold.

Spring means tiny blossoms of joy.

Early spring Iris
Tiny Iris. My favorite flowers of spring. First come the crocuses peeking through the snow and mulch. Then the tiny showy iris bloom with their tiger striped petals.

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