I am a good person, and I have written proof!


As previously mentioned in this space, I can be hard on myself, but this week I got written proof that I’m not all bad.  

One of my values is to see people and acknowledge them.  The old golden rule stuff.  I thank the fast food lady, look her in the eye and smile when I do it.  I tell my daughter’s teachers when she loves their lessons. I thank police officers who stop traffic after events so I can cross the road. 

It makes my life better.  I am happy when the Which Wich guy gives my daughter an extra fruit roll up because we talk to him as he makes our sandwich.  I tip the valet before he takes my car and thank him so sees me as a person and takes better care of my car.  (I also tip when I get it back safely.)

I tip the cleaning people every day during a hotel stay because my dad taught me that there may be a different person cleaning every day and I want to thank all of them, not just the lucky last one.  I know they are individuals, but I don’t really get to relate to them as people because I never see them.  This last trip I found a note on my nightstand.  She told me her name and said “thanks for the tips.”  The note made my heart soar.  17 years I have traveled for work and pleasure and I always leave my daily tip.  With this lavendar note they all became people to me and I have written proof that my daily tip effort is worthwhile because this came on day one of a four day stay.  Yay me!

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