The wisdom of older age

As I get older I have moments of clarity where I suddenly see things with a different perspective or understand things that seemed mysterious.  For example, there was the day I dropped my daughter off for a “sleepover with Nanna” and in her excitement I saw the joy of my childhood nights with my own grandma.  Then the light bulb turned on: my parents ditched me with my grandparents so they could go out and have fun just like I was doing with my kid.  Those weren’t just my special nights, but theirs too!

This morning I had another realization as a tweezed away the first of three offensive grey eyebrows.  “Holy crap.  This is why Aunt Bert had eyebrows drawn on with a pencil!”  I left the other two.  Random grey eyebrows is better than bald eyebrows.

One thought on “The wisdom of older age

  1. Dooreye

    My hairdresser told me “I can start coloring your eyebrows too you know”… I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be happy about this new information or horrified that she noticed my grey eyebrow hairs… why is there not a book that tells us this stuff??? Hummm perhaps we should write it.


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