Sob!  My kid doesn’t need crayons? 

Okay, a slightly misleading title there, but I was looking at the third grade school supply list (my daughter is headed for second grade) and I scrolled to the end.  No crayons.  There I was being a good working mom friend to a coworker whose child is starting kindergarten at our neighborhood school.  She doesn’t have the supply list yet, so I sent it to her.  Yay me.  I got curious about what other grades need, was scanning along, and sob!  I’m crying.  Literally crying at work because next year my daughter won’t need crayons. How is that possible?  Where did the crayon years go?  How can they almost be over?
I love crayons.  Here’s a picture of the shelf above my desk:

See crayons!  I’m the age equivalent of 36th grade and I still use crayons at work.

Children’s lives go by so fast.  Everyone tells you to enjoy the moment or it will slip away.  Well let me tell you, I’m going to enjoy the heck out of the crayon moments from now on!  Off to get some new paper and coloring books.  We’ve got just over a year.

17 thoughts on “Sob!  My kid doesn’t need crayons? 

    1. My mom was an English teacher! No wonder I like you! I know she would use picture books with her “reluctant readers.” I don’t think she ever used crayons though. I like your campaign idea. I’d get behind that.

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      1. Thank you! I agree we are definitely kindred spirits. I think anything that makes learning fun is great and keeping an open mind is the only way to prepare lessons. It’s past 2 AM and I just finished my blog post for this week. I won’t publish it until I give it one last look tomorrow. It was nice to find somebody still up and around this early in the morning to chat with. (You actually could be in another time zone, but I was up and you were up and that’s all that matters.) Have a great Thursday! Clare

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  1. Some things should never go out of style! Crayons can be used at any age, I also think high school students would be great with crayons, blocks, legos, K’Nex etc. imagine what wonderful things they would create and present with these materials?

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      1. I know at my school they still use crayons in 3rd grade and even into 4th grade. Our school system doesn’t have parents buy any supplies at least at the elementary level so maybe when your child gets there you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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