Finish Something – Meeting St Mittens

The mittens are done.  I’m super annoyed at myself, because I didn’t record when I started the mittens, but I’ve been at these things a l-o–n—g time.  I bought the yarn when my local yarn shop was in it’s old location.  Years ago.  I finished the first mitten when my daughter was a toddler, or was it preschool?  At least three years ago.  These dazzling fair isle, two-color sock yarn mittens made my hands cramp, made me learn the magic loop, and tested my knitting fortitude.  But wow.  They are pretty and warm and I’ll be wearing them all winter now.  (Let’s do a happy dance.  They were done before October!  I didn’t miss a single mitten worthy day.)

These mittens!  I took them on a road trip and while climbing in and out of the car to tend to my needs or my daughter’s needs I sat on the size two bamboo needle and shattered it.  Picking bamboo shards out of your butt is even more aggravating when it means you can’t work on your project the rest of the trip.

These mittens!  Halfway through the first mitten my cat Neko (who died years ago) threw up all over the warm colored yarn.  I mean she threw up all over it.  I had to unravel cat throw up yarn, wash it while it was still attached to my mitten, dry it and wind it into a ball.  Both mittens got knit from the throw up yarn.

For the knitting readers, here are the specs:

Yarn: Berroco Sox Metallic two skeins – one warm color, one cool – I lost the colors long ago but they look so much like the ones in the pattern book, I’m assuming it’s #1366 Mangosteen and #1372 Durian.  Also, I have more than enough yarn left to knit another mitten or two if I <gasp> lose one.

Pattern: Meeting St. Mittens from Berroco Sock Star #279 (COPYRIGHT 2009.  THERE’S A CLUE TO HOW LONG THESE MITTENS HAVE BEEN TAKING UP MY NEEDLES!)

Ravelry page for my mittens.

In case you can’t tell, I’ve been totally into color right now, but all the fair isle wild color projects are off my needles.  I finished my scarf and my mittens.  Now, to finally wrap up that elusive sweater before it gets cold.  And my daughter wants a boring blue hat, but at least she picked an exciting pattern and I have scrumptious yarn to work with.  Ah, fall is coming.  I can feel it in my fingers and my project plans.

Must stop thinking about the Harry Potter sock yarn I have, and how I could mix characters to make these again.

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