Finish Something: No Glimmer of Hope

Sometime this afternoon the status on my submission to Glimmer Train went from “In Process” to “Complete” which means they aren’t going to publish my story.  Winners were to be notified this week and my hopes were high when I was still “In Process” yesterday.  Sadly, I am not a prognosticator, but just a dreamer.  Am I disappointed?  A little bit, but I have to admit I had a lot of fun the past week imagining the scenarios:  receiving the e-mail telling me that I was actually going to be a real live published writer, telling my friends and family the wonderful news, and seeing my story in print.  Having something to be excited about is fun, even when it doesn’t turn out the way you want.  (Also, a little teeny tiny bit of me is still hoping I make the top 25 list even if they aren’t publishing my story.  I’ll have to wait for November 1st for that list.)

Now that I know, I can move on to submit my short story, The Fisherman, to the next two contests I found: The Master’s Review Fall Fiction Contest and The Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Contest.  First thing to do?  Fixed my pronoun agreement error in the first paragraph.  Sheesh, what a rookie!

The Master’s Review wants “strange, scary, disturbing and weird” from emerging writers.  The Fisherman nudges into all of these categories, so is a good fit.  However, they accept up to 7,000 words and at 1,242 words my story is a sliver of the length limit.  That said, finalists will be announced November 15th, so I’ll immediately have something to be excited about again.  Yippee!

Writer’s Digest wants a short short story with a limit of 1,500 words.  I make that cut off length with ease.  It’s an open competition though, so it’s me versus the world of published and established writers.  They award through twenty-fifth place.  This closes November 16th, so I’ll have one day after the Master’s Review deadline to submit here.  The Master’s Review accepts simultaneous submissions, but I don’t think Writer’s Digest does.  (I’m not sure, because Writer’s Digest has a lots of pages of rules.)

I’ve got a plan!  I hope someday I write another short story that I feel is a fit for Glimmer Train.  I enjoy reading the stories they publish and would love to be able to say I was featured on their pages.  Someday…

8 thoughts on “Finish Something: No Glimmer of Hope

  1. 😦 Johanna, you should subscribe to something called Freedom with Writing. They send (credible) places to submit your work and sometimes you can do a multiple submission as long as you let the people know that the piece was selected somewhere else.

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    1. Thanks for reaching out Kate. Did you submit this last go round too? I spent this last weekend obsessively trying to figure out when my status was going to change. This was my first submission, so I’m assuming the next time I won’t be so crazy, but I hope I don’t lose my excitement. I really appreciate hearing about others going through the same process, so thanks again for the comment.


      1. Oh gosh you’re welcome. I actually didn’t submit recently, but back in January. A piece of flash fiction. First time submitting as well and I had to wait 8 months for the status changes. It was sort of nerve wracking. Just keep at it. It’s a scary waiting world. I do not like waiting. At all. I submitted to two other places as well and it was nerve wracking at first. sigh

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