It’s beginning to look a lot like springtime!

Here in Aftheadville we’ve had a few weekends of 70 degree weather and just enough moisture to convince our spring bulbs that it’s time to pop out of the ground and look pretty.  Thank goodness for these random spring days in February, or I might not make it to May when spring finally decides to settle in and stay.  Here’s hoping you are getting a break from winter wherever you are!

4 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like springtime!

  1. Yesterday, while I was at the dentist, Charley raked out the leaves around the daffodil and hyacinth greenery coming up in the gardens. I came home and saw it and went upstairs where he couldn’t see me and cried. I remember buying bags of bulbs the year he was diagnosed with cancer. He helped me put them in the ground before we went to Maryland for his operation. And we’ve watched them grow and spread and bloom every spring for the past 9 years! Nine years! What a gift! And now I need to go and get a kleenex.

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    1. Phew. I made the mistake of reading this while at work and in a meeting. I had to blink quickly to keep the tears from falling. What a marvelous gift you received being able to enjoy nine years of hyacinth and daffodil blooms with Charley. I love this story, and love that every spring reminds us how precious this life is. Sniff. Thank you so much for your story.

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      1. Nine years and counting. I told his doctors he’d be the first man ever cured of aggressive prostate cancer and now they are believing me. He is an incredible person.We were outside again yesterday working in the yard. It’s so beautiful around here. The peepers in the vernal pool below were getting louder by the minute. And yes, I cried too, when I wrote those words.


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