Mommy, Make Me a Blankie?

When my baby girl was still in my tummy I nested with crafting projects.  I made her a huge Amy Butler flower pillow that she could do tummy time on, as a baby, and sleep on, as a kid.  I made curtains to match.  After she was born my mom and I made her a crib skirt that matched them both.  I also bought machine washable Encore yarn to crochet her a huge granny square blanket and then soft organic cotton Sprout to knit her a blankie.  I have books of Baby Cashmerio patterns and the yarn needed to make a tiny striped cardigan and beret.

It was a surprise to me that new motherhood did not leave much time for knitting.  Even when the baby was asleep, she was often in my arms, or my hands were busy with laundry, dishes, or pumps.  Once I went back to work my hands were on my computer when they weren’t with my baby.  The infant years were not for knitting.

Fast forward eight years.  During the crap-moving part of our basement remodel my daughter found the two bins of yarn I’d purchased before her birth. When I told her what my plans had been she said, “Mommy, will you make me a blankie now?”  Without a second thought I put aside my knitting in progress and started planning her blankie.  When your eight-year-old asks for a handknit you knit.

We dove into the bins. I had hoped she’d pick the Sprout, but the anti-itchy girl decided the Encore was better.  At one point I had a whole rainbow of colors, but somehow only a three-quarter rainbow was in the bin.  No matter, she loved it.


Then we searched patterns.  One look in my Ravelry library and she picked the Chevron Baby Blanket, not even caring that it said “baby”.  It looked easy and fun, so away I knit.  Between the zigzags, the yarn overs, and the color switches the blanket flew on my needles.  I was smart and wove in ends as I went.  Little Afthead is learning how to knit and even took a few stitches in the last green stripe and helped with the bind off.  A few snips of loose yarn bits and it was ready to block.  I showed it to my kiddo and she hugged it and drug it off to bed.  Who can argue with this kind of instant love?


Today while she was at camp I snuck it out of her bed so I could take a few pictures of the still unblocked and unwashed finished product.

Here are the knitting details for the knitters.  

  • Yarn – Worsted Encore in 5 colors (I used half a skein for the two colors with 4 rows and about a third for the other three)
  • Pattern – Chevron Baby Blanket
  • Pattern modifications – used a different color repeat than listed and didn’t purl the yarn overs through the back loop.  (Do any of my knitting readers know how to do that?)
  • Needles – Addi Turbo Click Lace, size 9
  • Ravelry Link – 

Now, I’m back to my previous project.  Remember that gorgeous cowl I had color elections for awhile back?  Well, I’ve just started knitting it again.  I’m still in the boring neutral section (because of a request from my daughter, see above blog words) but soon though I’ll be able for the big reveal on what colorway won!  Just pretend you still care even though it is months later…

14 thoughts on “Mommy, Make Me a Blankie?

  1. It’s really pretty! I love that she just snuggled up with it instantly. Perfect!

    To purl a stitch, yo or otherwise, tbl, you put the tip of the right needle behind the work and poke through the back loop of the stitch from back to front. As you do that, make sure the front leg of the stitch ends up on the left side of the right needle tip (it’ll be kind of weirdly twisted). I get that that doesn’t make much sense, but if you get your hands on it maybe it’ll come together.

    It’s not necessarily important to do it that way. If you do, it closes the hole from the yo and makes the overall effect more solid than lacy. I think your daughter loves it just how it is 🙂

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    1. Okay. I’m going to get an immediate opportunity to try out your technique! It makes no sense to me, but knitting instructions never do until I’m actually using the sticks and yarn. Blanket #2 is getting cast on because we just found out that a new niece is on the way and my kiddo wants to have a matching blankie with her cousin. Yay! I’m going to incorporate some pink, just so it’s more girly. Wish me luck with the purl tbl.

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  2. So very sweet! Great momma, you! When my kids were little, I did quilts for them, but knitted stocking hats that were adorable (Or so I thought!!!)..My own daughter now is knitting and is quite obsessed with all the yarns. She is currently doing socks, and making bags…and dying her own yarns too! I know your kiddo feels loved, comforted, and safe in her blankie! Great job!

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    1. My mom is a quilter and we often joke that when my daughter, her only grandchild, is a teenager we’ll be able to keep her home in bed by piling on all the quilts grandma made her! Love via handcrafts is a big thing at my house. I’m sure your hats were adorable!

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      1. OH, my own grandmother and mom did quilts too. I have dozens! Some are from the 1800s! (My parents were parents later in life, as they were in their families…so my grandparents would have been like most people’s own great grandparents. When my grandmother died, she left many many pieced quilt tops to finish and when mom retired she joined a senior citizen quilting group. Each couple of months, they would take turns helping to finish the project. 12 ladies around a quilt, working for a couple of mornings a week. My mother was able to get all the tops done, quilted and signed by all who worked on it. Each of us three kids have several…one for each of our own children too. It was great! And I remain, totally amazed and inspired by her doing it for us.

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