Solstice Gift

My husband raced downstairs tonight with happy crinkles decorating his eyes.  “I have a present!” he announced.

My daughter waited in anticipation, but I didn’t even need to ask.  Only one thing could make him so happy:  our chickens laid their first egg a month before we expected it, and on the shortest day of the year no less.  A week after temperatures didn’t reach 0 Rosie decided it was time to make an egg. (Well, we think it was Rosie.  Even though she is the youngest in our flock her comb and waddle are the most developed, which is supposed to indicate egg laying readiness.)

The upside?  Well, the beginning of eggs of course.  The downside?  My chickens have trumped any hope of me being responsible for delivering the true joy of Christmas this year for my family.  I’ve been trumped by a bird.  My daughter is running around singing, “All I want for Christmas is another egg…another egg… Oh!  Another eeegggg.”  My husband semi-jokes that he’s going to sleep with the egg tonight.  There is nothing wrapped or planned that can match the miracle of the first egg this season. 

I think I have a tiny bow downstairs.  Maybe I’ll stick that on the tiny precious gift and call it good.  (Or is that what they call gilding the lily?)
Happy solstice everyone!  May your own families be as lucky as the Aftheads and have their hearts filled with whatever gives them joy this week.  

9 thoughts on “Solstice Gift

  1. It is the simple things in life that are the best. You should take a family photo with the egg in front of the Christmas tree, if you have one! Congratulations and well done Rosie! I wonder if she has any idea of the excitement she has caused.

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    1. We have a picture of my daughter and husband with the egg, and they look so proud. A Christmas tree shot is a great idea though, so we can remember when the first eggs came! I’m sure Rosie knows what excitement she caused. She is a very self-centered chicken. Ha!

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    1. She is! You are good with your chicken breed identification. The little lady has been prolific since this first egg, and even convinced Hope, a summer layer, to start producing eggs along with her. She’s quite the trendsetter, our little Rosie!

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