Airport Musings

I’m heading out on a work trip, so was able to enjoy one of my favorite airport pastimes: random observation.  Today the focus was airport shopping.

I have always wondered about the airport magazine displays featuring Playboy, Penthouse and, in this instance, 3 other unknown skin magazines.  Who buys these magazines?  What person thinks, “Ah, nothing will improve my four hour flight sitting uncomfortably close to strangers like some tits and ass.”

This is a neverbefore seen miracle of airport shopping.  Three glass display cases filled with sparkle encrusted balls bearing logos from ramdom sports teams!  “One gift will satisfy your sporty son and his high maintenance wife,” you mistakenly conclude.

When I was a kid I would spend a few weeks every summer with my grandparents.  My parents would drive up from Denver and my grandparents would drive down from the mountains and they would meet roughly halfway.  We’d have lunch at this little park and then we children would be transferred.  Grandma would bring treats and one of those treats would be baseball gum balls.  Here in the airport candy shop, is my childhood summer just waiting to be scooped up, weighed, and purchased.  I’ll be the one blowing bubbles on the plane.

6 thoughts on “Airport Musings

  1. I would be appalled if I got stuck on a plane sitting next to a stranger with a Playboy (or something similar). Yuck! And for the second image, all I can think is that glitter would be everywhere (on me, on the plane, on my luggage, on my clothes)! You can never get rid of that stuff. The baseball gumballs are awesome and I must find those somewhere near me. Have a great trip!

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    1. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!?! Ugh, the awkwardness is just too much to process, especially when the centerfold got opened up. (Are there still centerfolds?)

      Oh! On my way home I’ll get you a Cardinals baseball to glitter up you life. Won’t you love that? Your girls can toss it all over the house, then maybe leave it in the laundry so it gets washed and you’ll have glitter sparkle clothes forever!

      I’ve seen the gumballs at other bulk candy stores, and they are still quite tasty. I also love that they are lettered with gumball phrases. Such a random day at the airport. I’m flying home tomorrow. Wonder what marvelous things I’ll see?

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      1. Oh no, we have all the glitter we need at our house. My kids are expert slime makers (or “slimists” as the 8 year old says) and glitter is one of the many components we have on hand. Though, a glittery Cardinals baseball does sound intriguing…

        As far as the centerfold question… I plead the fifth. (ha ha, joking).

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        1. My daughter is a total on again/off again slime maker, and I never know we are on again until I go into the basement and find glue and borax spilled all over the carpet. Have you seen the Curious Jane magazines/books/website. Sounds like your girls might like it.

          I’m heading to the airport again this week and reading that you want a glittery cardinals baseball and a Playboy magazine. Just send me your address and I’ll get those in the mail. Tee hee.


    1. Oops! that should be gum balls. Gum boils does not paint a pretty mind picture for me at the moment. It’s after midnight and I’m doing a marathon catching up of blogs now that the book is finally published. I think I’m typing too fast.


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