Meet Nyx

There has been a tiny new addition in our life.  In September our annual renewal to be foster cat parents came up, and I admitted to myself (and to the shelter) that we just couldn’t try again.  After losing four kittens in the first disastrous litter (including one we’d thought had made it) then nursing a cat to heath only to discover his heart was failing, well, the Afthead family’s collective heart wasn’t up for anymore death.

I settled happily into our two cat household.  I started looking for another forever cat for our home.  We’d always been a two cat household, and Adventure and Katie loved each other, but neither one of them was really a people cat.  I wanted a lap sitting purring cat, but my husband laid out a strict rule: we could not get another cat unless it loved our daughter.

Our new cat claimed me on a trip to buy cat food.  PetSmart was having an adoption event and when I walked up to her kennel she stretched up, put one paw on each of my cheeks and started purring.  She didn’t stop purring the whole time I was there.  The clerk said she’d been adopted, but the family decided they couldn’t handle a kitten, so she was never picked up.  I went to pick up my daughter from school and while I waited for her I texted my husband, “Going to go see if our new cat meets your requirement.”  Back at the pet store, the kitten claimed my daughter too.  By 8:00 that night our adoption was approved and our new cat came home.

Her name is Nyx, after the Greek goddess of night.  She’s adventurous,



bathroom loving,

cross-legged sleeping,

water loving,

and adorably two-toned.

She rides our big cats like they are cat horses, waiting until they are sleeping before jumping on their back and biting their scruff until they buck her off.  The big cats do not love her and I’m afraid Adventure is scarred for life.  Her preferred sleeping location is under the covers biting our knees and ankles.  She climbs the screen door and completely wrecked one of my favorite plants, poisoning herself in the process.  She’s recovered and become a fixture in our family.  We love her, and my cat heart is full.  Besides, if we adopt anymore we’ll become crazy cat people.  The rule is that as long as you don’t have more cats than people you aren’t crazy cat people.  It’s true.  I read it on the internet somewhere.

11 thoughts on “Meet Nyx

    1. Whoops! Did I forget the warning banner? Silly me! I’m almost over thinking she’s going to die every minute (still scarred from that litter of kittens) and am finding a great deal of joy in her little snuggles and purrs. A kitten just in time for winter is perfect!

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    1. Thanks! The name was tough. She’s an obvious Socks/Mittens/Oreo because of her coloring, but we needed something more unique to go with her cat sisters Adventure and Katie. My daughter is into Greek mythology right now, so it ended up being between Calliope and Nyx. I think we picked well. Nyx is much easier to shout as she’s destroying things around the house. “Nyx, NO!”


  1. Ann

    Our Minos (first King of Crete, son of Zeus) claimed Kevin at Petsmart the same way. He’s quite the snuggler, especially now that Ranger is gone and he’s an only pet. You clearly had some good kitty karma surrounding you when Nyx reached out.

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    1. As I read your comment the little urchin was climbing the basement window screen. It’s a good thing she is so cute and snuggly!

      My family has always claimed that the pets that pick us are the best ones. I’m glad our Nyx is in good Greek company.


  2. aw, congrats on getting chosen by Nyx (awesome name, btw!)! I’m glad to see that she has been fitting in so well in the Afthead family. What a cutie!

    And thank goodness we are not crazy cat people (four humans, three cats… whew). Yet.

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