Ack!  Spider!

 The warm water ran down my back, rinsing the shampoo from my hair.  I turned and picked up my bottle of conditioner.  As I lived it from the shelf an enormous wolf spider fell from the bottle and onto the shower wall.  I jumped, then started processing options.  Squish it.  Bad luck.  Rinse it down the drain.  Dear God, it could land on me or crawl up my foot.

Then I looked closer.  The little guy was slipping on the shower wall, his tiny hairy legs trying to get purchase while his mandibles flexed.  He was scared too.  I sighed and in my very vulnerable state looked for something to catch him in.  Shave gel top?  Perfect.  I coerced the spider into the lid and once he was firmly captured I opened the shower curtain and flung top and spider into the sink.

Once I was dry and covered, I took Mr. Spider in his lid to the front door and set him outside in the plant.  Good luck with the snow tomorrow, and stay out of my bathroom!

14 thoughts on “Ack!  Spider!

  1. Awww, compassion is so awesome and attractive and wonderful! That spider karma will play out well, he will eat the bugs that actually might bite you or eat your plant, and that will help keep your plant healthy, a blessing in return for the gift of saving his life. We just catch ’em and put ’em outside too 😊

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