Nature Wonders

Yesterday was a heavy blog, so let’s have a little simple wonder today.  I have lived around cottonwood trees my whole life.  We have lived in our house, that has a hundred year old cottonwood tree in the backyard, for 15 years.  I have probably picked up thousands of fallen twigs before my dad, my husband, my brother, or I mowed the lawn, because cottonwoods drop sticks constantly.  It wasn’t until last year when I learned there are magic in those sticks.

A friend of ours showed up to pick up his daughter and we were playing in the backyard.  He looked at our tree and asked, “Is that a cottonwood tree?” Before we could answer he picked up a stick broke it in half and said, “Oh, it is.  Look at the star.”

Folks, there is magic in cottonwood sticks.  Look for the ridges on the surface and break the stick between them.  If it breaks cleanly you will always find a tiny perfect star.

Isn’t nature awesome?

6 thoughts on “Nature Wonders

    1. WHAT?!?! You did not know this either?

      Your wand question is a good one. If Harry’s wand was how I imagined it in my head, thin and flexible, there may very well be stars in the middle. However if it’s weird and fat like it is in the movie then probably not. The big sticks hardly ever break cleanly to reveal stars. I guess they might have magic in the middle, but you can’t see it. (Does that make them more or less magical?)

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