Today was a hard day, but a good day.

The Afthead family foster kittens went back to the shelter to get adopted after two months in our home.  It is sad and quiet now, but there is joy in the fact that they survived and now have a chance to find their permanent home.

Last night, when my daughter and I talked about the kittens going back she said, “Do you know what word describes this feeling?  Bittersweet.”

“That is the perfect word, sweetie.  Where did you learn it?”  I asked, giving her a hug.

“My teacher taught me.”

Today, I sent my kiddo to school with a note to her teacher that said:

Our kittens have finally gained enough weight so they can go back to the shelter.  Little Afthead wanted you to know in case she is sad.  This is a bittersweet day, and we thank you for giving us the word to describe how we feel.

After reading the note my daughter’s teacher made the word of the day “bittersweet” and asked if she could read our note to the class.  My daughter said “Yes,” and was so proud to share her foster story with her class.

Today is bittersweet.

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