The Adventures of Tiny Santa

Why would I ever knit tiny creatures on vacation?  Because it means I can take pictures like these:

Tiny Santa enjoys a bagel.

Tiny Santa is amazed by the giant windmill. 

Tiny Santa wears a fashionable acorn cap while exercising on the climbing wall.

Tiny Santa enjoys a walk by the river.

Tiny Santa finds treasures in nature.

Tiny Santa jumps in the leaves.

Tiny Santa goes exploring at the nature center and takes a rest in an old tree. 

Tiny Santa has a hard time bowling.

Tiny Santa contemplates buying a cheese hat.  

Tiny Santa also struggles at ping pong.

Tiny Santa anxiously awaits his new friend. 

Well, Tiny Santa had a big day, and now he’s ready to go home.  Vacations are fun, but exhausting.  Tiny Santa hopes he can nap on the plane.

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