Let’s hear it for the goals!

30 posts in 30 days.  Done.  I blogged everyday in November, except one and I posted two the next day to make for the missed day.  I posted silly haiku, opinions, and a tribute to an inch tall Santa.  I told the story of my foster cats and shared my blog on Facebook for the first time so my shelter friends could read my post.  Tomorrow I’ll look at stats and do some analysis to see what worked and what didn’t.

I am proud of myself.  Normally I’m not a goal setter;  I break my New Years resolutions by January 5th.  But I stuck with this.  I learned that my fiction suffers when I write all the time, because it is hard to be thoughtful on a deadline and my fiction needs thought.  I have a 5-6 part serial short piece that I’d planned on posting this month, but I never got to it.  December will be the month of fiction.  I learned that I can produce whimsy on the fly, and sorrow.  I learned that I can write really long posts on my smartphone there are  I other options.  (Argh!  I never wrote the “forgotten backpack” post.  Putting it on the list.)  I learned that my blog reading suffers when I write every day, and I miss reading what you all write. I met some great new blogging colleagues this month and look forward to reading more from them.  

Thanks to those who read along and congrats to those who wrote with me.  Pat yourselves on the back and don’t be a stranger in December!

8 thoughts on “Let’s hear it for the goals!

  1. It’s a pleasure getting yours in my email box.

    I know what you mean about thoughtfulness. My best posts are ones that have marinated a while in thought. I did feel a cramp trying to write every day. But all the artists I know who publish something daily (one photograph, one poem) develop steadily and noticeably.

    Good job.

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    1. Thank you so much! I enjoyed the month and now need to end my break and decide how to use what I learned. I was surprised at the stuff that I came up with that I didn’t churn over. There’s obviously a balance there. I hope we find it!


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