Winter Rainbow?

Yes, I know.  I said I was going to take today off, but there was a rainbow in the clouds this morning.  A rainbow when it was 20 degrees out and not raining.  It is a nature mystery that I had to share.  

Anyone know what this meteorological phenomena is called?  Google is failing me.  

9 thoughts on “Winter Rainbow?

      1. I have that same problem. Names escape me now. I can remember when I met you, where I met you and what you were wearing, but I sure won’t remember your name. I bet I remember sundog too. It’s pretty unusual.


  1. According to – it’s called a parhelion, or sundog.

    “It forms when the Sun is relatively low in the sky—in the morning or evening—under the right conditions, namely when there are flat ice crystals in the high cirrus clouds. The crystals are floating along with the flattest face lying horizontally, so when light passes through the narrowest sides it gets bent. Just as when light passes through a prism, the colors get separated.”

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