The hippest new blogging event

Hello all my blogging buddies!  Here is your formal invitation to join me at the hippest new blogging event in town.  Marquessa is hosting the 5 à 7 Blogging Event next Wednesday (March 16th, 2016) and all the cool cats will be there.

Wait, what is a  5 à 7 you ask?  I had no idea either, but I learned that it’s how they say “happy hour” in Montreal.  Never again will I settle for a lame American happy hour, once I learn how to pronounce 5 à 7.  (Can you hear it in your head with a bit of Fonzie American twang “five aay seven”?)

Go check out the event, then prepare yourself.  You’ll have two hours to:

  • Visit Marquessas’s amazing blog, Simply Marquessa, at the appointed time (5:00 – 7:00 EST)
  • Introduce yourself and your blog
  • Leave a link to your best, favorite, most amazing blog post in the comments, mentioning if your link contains MATURE/18+ content
  • shamelessly tell the other party-goers what is awesome about the post
  • Visit three other links that pique your interest to keep the party going, and comment shamelessly about how amazing they are

All the details are on Simply Marquessa, so make sure you read the whole invite so you don’t accidentally wear the wrong thing.  (Wait, is cocktail attire required?)  Myself, I’m going to buy some new shoes tomorrow and find a frock to wear, even if Marquessa says only grannies wear frocks.  Pshaw.

Oh, and if you want to add this event to your calendar, use the button below.  It will only work for a Google calendar, but really, you should have a Google calendar…all the cool kids do.

Can’t wait to mix and mingle with you all!


2 thoughts on “The hippest new blogging event

    1. Oh! This is so perfect for you! This would push you over the top to be the coolest person in your ‘hood…if you weren’t already there. If you invite me to a 5a7 at the Blue Room I’ll be your embarrassing friend from the sticks, “What a great five aaaay seven!” (Ready to be horrified? I still haven’t seen the blue room. It’s probably green by now.)


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