AAA Battery Emergency

Normally when I see these trucks I am driving and can’t snap a good picture – they have all turned out so blurry, especially on the highway – but today, gasp one parked!  I love the idea of emergencies that need AAA Batteries Delivered and Installed.

  • Help!  I’ve got friends and family over to watch the big game and we can’t get the volume to turn up using my remote control!
  • The incessant beeping of the smoke detector is driving me insane.  I thought all of these things took a 9-volt!
  • The ridiculously tiny flashlight I keep in my  medicine cabinet to look at sore throats is so dim, I can’t tell if we should go to the doctor!
  • The cats are destroying my furniture ever since the laser pointer stopped making the super-duper-fun red dot!
  • It’s Christmas morning, and guess what we forgot to buy?  None of the new toys work!

It makes me feel secure knowing that my AAA Battery emergencies can be solved with a simple phone call.  I’m so glad I’m a member.

Does this translate at all to international readers?  As this is my second hysterical battery post I worry that I am alienating all those readers from across the pond that use some other battery nomenclature.


33 thoughts on “AAA Battery Emergency

        1. Really, it’s fine. You read it in the middle of the night and humor is still an uncertain genre for me. (I’ve been writing my response to you all weekend in my head…how to tell Kathy it’s a joke without embarrassing her…) Truly horrible branding though!

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  1. I’ll have to remember this so I can call them when I am too lazy to go to Batteries+Bulbs, Do you have those stores in your area? I bet they’re scared this mobile service will put them out of business! 😉

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    1. We don’t have Batteries+Bulbs here. I’m hoping your winky face means that my attempt at humor was a success. (This is an AAA = American Automobile Association car battery replacement truck with very poor labeling.)

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        1. Oh phew! I think I confused at least one reader! Writing humor is hard! Thank for the read, the comment, and for understanding! I’ve got yet another post started on this same truck theme, so keep a watch out for more of a story version. I find these trucks hysterical!

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    1. One of them drove past my daughter and I walking to school today and I couldn’t help wondering what AAA battery emergency he was going to solve in the neighborhood. Non-functioning computer mouse? Thanks for the comment and the read!


  3. Tyrant's Driver

    (Sighs). Gawhd. I hate to be emotional here. I used to be a battery driver for AAA. I used to take much better care of my boy though. That guys cabinet is hella dirty.

    Seeing that thing parked next to what looks like it could be, a dunkin donuts, on a shitty, downcast day brings me rays of not humor… But intense, deep nostalgia.

    I was just very attached to my truck, that’s all.

    Bye Tyrant. :c

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    1. Aw. Tyrant. Sorry to show you a picture of an offensively dirty truck! Thanks for being a AAA battery driver in the past though. We’ve been saved more than once by folks like you!


  4. Cindy

    Thanks for this! I saw a van like this last night and had the same types of scenarios run through my head before I realized it was actually for car batteries.
    I was trying to explain to someone else and found your blog.
    Greetings from Atlanta!

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    1. Ha ha! I’m so glad someone else’s brain considered that the AAA battery truck would bring a different type of batteries. I still giggle every time I see them driving around. Thanks from Denver for the read! (Apparently the battery trucks are nationwide.)


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