Happy New Soap Day

Today is one of my favorite days: new soap day.  You can look for it on your calendar, but you won’t find it because new soap day isn’t planned.  It  begins with anticipation as the soap in the shower becomes a sliver and one day slips right down the drain: the soap fish swimming to freedom is the harbinger of new soap day!

Remember the last time I featured this bathtub in my blog?  Much scarier!

This time the tiny soap disappeared on a Wednesday morning which meant I got to look forward to new soap day for two full days- exercise and the start of soccer season means I don’t shower on Thursday.  It’s been a crazy week filled with moving everything out of our basement to allow for upgraded wiring, presentations at work, the aforementioned beginning of soccer, and the normal ebbs and flows of balancing work and life.  Having a little celebration was a gift at the end of a hectic week.

My sad, blurry, empty basement.

New soap day isn’t a holiday that everyone celebrates, in fact I may be the only participant.  The soap day festivities begin with opening the medicine cabinet and evaluating all of the odorous soap options, which I love, but may be overwhelming to the more casual soap user.  This morning I had handmade, Zum, and pre de Provence soaps to select from – options from Colorado, Missouri, and France.  I had hoped for a bar of Saje, but I must have used my last bar of my favorite Canadian soap this winter.  (I may further celebrate soap day by placing an order, but that would be an atypical deviation from the normal soap day.)  I sorted through my piles of soap sniffing and touching to find the bar that spoke to me.  I selected a round bar of mint Zum soap because of the shape, the minty ambiance and the festive bow left over from Christmas.

I hope that you have your own celebration this weekend, whether it’s wine day, latte day, moonlit walk night, or extra long shower morning.  Me, I’m going to scrub up and head out for my gold party tomorrow.  I think mint goes well with gold, don’t you?  That kind of foresight is key to the successful end of soap day!

11 thoughts on “Happy New Soap Day

  1. One thing I always do at Disney is to go into the Basin store that has hand-made soaps and bath salts and lotions and all things bath. It smells so good! Charley and I each buy a bar of soap. This time he chose one with a golf tee and ball inside it called Teed Off. Mine is a lovely light green and has lavender inside it. Your soaps sound and look wonderful and mint is very refreshing and stimulates the mind. Good choice!


      1. I’m not sure I really have a favorite. I like stocking up on locally made bars at craft fairs, etc. I do like Zum Bars and I got an incredible bar in a gift basket from a company called Lush. Their stuff is all natural and wonderful!

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          1. Super late responding to this, but I too love clean sheet day. I love it the most in the summer when they are all crisp and cool. Mmm, maybe I need to go wash my sheets!


          1. Sorry – now it’s taken ME a long time to respond! As a gift, I got several small items. There was a bar of soap (awesome!), shower gel (very nice, but I’m not much for shower gel in general), lotion (wonderful!) and my favorite: 2 little pots of what I think was called “body conditioner.” You put it on while your skin is wet and it just sort of melts. They were fantastic and had delicious scents. Oh yeah – there was some kind of face moisturizer, that I unfortunately thought smelled like Desetin diaper creme! haha! But, hey, you can’t win ’em all. As I said, this was all in a gift basket. Their prices are a little steep for me, but their products are really lovely.

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            1. I just found that they actually have a couple of storefronts in my area so I may go in person to try a couple of items and to buy a gift or two. They do have a bunch of odd/interesting things like the body conditioner you mention that I’m intrigued by. In addition to being a bar soap loving person I am also a bath loving person, so want to try their funny bath thing-a-ma-googies. (Technical term.) I’ll let you know what I think!


          2. I just looked at their website – the body conditioners are under the shower smoothies tab. Their bar soap prices aren’t as high as I remembered. And the Mother’s Day tab does have some nice stuff. Hmmm. I might have to place an order!

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