Legitimate Acupuncture Concern

Last week I hurt myself in an embarrassing manner.  I knocked my hips askew while sleeping.  The next day it hurt to walk and the day after I tried a trail run.  After that misguided experiment I was really broken.

Thankfully I have a good relationship with a reputable chiropractor, who is helping me get well.  I was discussing my injury and treatment with a friend, and he mentioned he was having back issues and trying acupuncture.  

I told him, “I don’t do acupuncture.”

“Yeah,” he said, “The needles bothered me too at first…”

“It’s not just the needles,” I interruputed, “It’s, well, what happens if there is a fire drill?  I mean if you are getting a massage or something you just grab a sheet and wrap up, but you know, you are all full of needles.  What do you do?”

Surprisingly, my friend had never considered this scenario, but it’s a legitimate concern.  I’m sticking with treatments that have a clearly defined escape plan.

10 thoughts on “Legitimate Acupuncture Concern

    1. Oh! Another valid concern! Now I have a better excuse for not getting my hair colored. (My current excuse? I’m too lazy and roots are more unattractive than sporadic gray.)


  1. Meh, just roll in some ketchup packets and walk slowly and stiffly out the door a la Bride of Pinhead. 🙂

    When my hip quit, it was like that – I woke up one AM, stretched, and BLAMMO – ow ow ow. Took 5 months of PT to fix it too. Some of us are apparently aerobic, energetic sleepers.


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