At last the big day is here, the dawning of a new administration for the toys.  Crowds of historic proportions were expected and arrived this morning: extra Lego sheets had to be added to accommodate everyone.  Tiny Knit Zombie Trump and Tiny Knit Hillary are sitting together and enjoying the pre-inauguration entertainment.  The gathering has a festive celebratory air.  Every toy feels like they have representation in this new government.  Every toy feels like their voices were heard.  Every toy is excited about the changes that are coming, and has confidence in their new leaders.  Let’s go to our on the ground reporter, George Snuffleupagus,  for an up close perspective.

Thanks!  Well before we go to the ground, let’s check out the birds-eye-view.  Crowds stretch from the stage all the way back to the Lego Washington Monument.  The future president and vice president took a risk – there is no security – but so far even the toys that showed up with weapons are peacefully gathering.  It’s as if they just want to express their right to bear arms, but not hurt anyone.  Wow!  Look at the size of that sword down there!

The media is here and busy interviewing toys.  Several polite discussions have broken out when toys nearby had a perspective different from the toy being interviewed.  There’s just so much respect and tolerance, even here in the far back where you can barely make out the swooping hair of Tiny Knit Zombie Trump and sunglasses of Tiny Knit Hillary.   Everyone seems so happy to just be part of this day.

Thankfully with the money this team saved on security they were able to install large video screens so the crowd can see from anywhere on the Lego sheets.  This incoming administration really understands how to make investments where they are needed the most.

Sorry George!  Gotta interrupt you.  It looks like the entertainment part of the festivities is over and Tiny Knit Zombie Trump is going to take his oath of office.  Let’s listen in.  Oh, wait.  He doesn’t have a mouth.  Well, he’s looking very vice-presidential as he moans and nods… and there, he’s done.  The crowd’s reaction is deafening.  There is a palpable excitement from the trolls, vikings, mad scientists, and conservatives.  Oh, now it’s Tiny Knit Hillary’s turn.  The crowd has quieted.  Let’s hear what she has to say.  Ah, again no mouth.  Well she holds herself with a very presidential posture as she puts her hand on the toy plastic book she chose for today.  George, do you think the color of the book has any significance?  George… are you there?

Sorry, I can’t seem to get my emotions under control… *sniff*  This is just such a momentous day.  Two parties putting aside their differences for the good of all toys.  I just….I can’t….

Ah, and we’ve lost George due to the roar of the crowd.  Well, let’s leave him with his emotions, and watch as President Tiny Knit Hillary and Vice President Tiny Knit Zombie Trump hug each other, and then address the crowd with inclusive gesticulations.  I can’t imagine what they must be feeling looking over all their constituents. Oh, look, spontaneous hugs are breaking out all over.  Knits are hugging Legos.  Evil doers are hugging kids, but in a good way, not a creepy way.  Such solidarity.

Well there is nothing more to add.  Today is a day of peace, cooperation, and tranquility and our toy nation is a model that other nations can only hope to emulate.  Let’s pan out to enjoy one last look at the crowd on this momentous day.


An unexpected, and tinge late, additional post in a series of tiny knit presidential dilemmas.  See the sixth post here, fifth post here, fourth post here, third post here, second post here, and the first post here.

Thank you to Anna Hrachovec for the amazing tiny knit patterns!  Please visit her site at

20 thoughts on “Knit-auguration 

    1. Thankfully vice-president Tiny Knit Zombie Trump is secure in the size of his fingerless tiny hands and size of his crowds. He would be quite the role model for the large, orange tiny handed human president. (Also, gloves are a bear to knit so I’m not knitting them for anyone! Fingers are so terrible to make the same size.) Thanks for the visit to Toyland!

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    1. The tiny knits are crazy making, but I love them. My mom’s birthday is Sunday and she’s asked for a band of tiny pirates. I’m wondering how many I can get done in two days…. Oh, and my fingers started cramping at the thought of two days straight of size 1 needles. Glad you liked the story. This one was one of my favorites to write. If I start to feel down, I just think about how great toyland is doing in my basement. Ha!

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      1. KarmaKnitsLove

        I make socks on size 1’s no big deal. But making those dolls with the tiny details, well, I need one of those big magnifying glasses with the lamp around the bottom of it to see what I’m doing! 😀 When I knit fun things, they are usually on bigger needles and felted. But Mochimochi Land patterns keep tempting me, and there’s a child I would love to make them for. So, I may Have to start! ❤

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        1. If you can do socks, you can make these tiny people. Most of the details happen magically and don’t need magnifying glasses. The only tricky part is the faces at the end. The Mochimochi Land patterns are SO well written. You’ll love them!

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    1. I did! Well, my 8 year old daughter helped me set up the lego people at the inauguration, but the scenarios were all me. It was a fun project! Thanks for reading and for the comment!


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